Implementation and Recess Promotion

Guidelines to Implementation

The suggested policy for implementation of physical activity in schools, includes a curriculum that considers healthy living, physical activity and the promotion of a positive body image in lieu of an ideal weight. Among these, we focus on Physical Activity as the key driver for change in the current environment.

  • Increased sessions for physical activity and the development of fundamental movement skills throughout the school week, such as:
    • Support Organized Group Walk / Bike to School
    • Organize a race for the school in the sector
  • Support for teachers and other staff to implement health promotion strategies and activities
    • Create a health team at the school and join the health council in the district
    • Make a plan: define the priorities in the school, what are the needs of the children?
  • Parent support and home activities that encourage children to be more active, and spend less time in screen based activities.

Communicate regularly the importance of physical activity and fitness to students,  parents and staff members.

Regular parent newsletters designed to inform parents of the contribution motor skills makes to the overall development of the child.

Train teachers and recess aids for adequate supervision.

Keep P.E. teachers and recess aids up to date in on teaching strategies and instructional tips to develop physical activity

Foster outdoor play so that children get engaged with outdoor life & nature.

Engage the children on household responsibilities that require physical activity and can be fun for them.


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