Classroom Approaches

The main goal is reducing sedentary activity. This can be achieved through a variety of means:

1. Interactive learning where students perform tasks on the board and reduce the amount of time they are sitting

2. Every 2 hours have the students perform a series of movement to break long bouts of sedentary activity. Breaks should be a minimum of 10min.

Examples: stretching, jumping jacks, or walking back and forth across the room; Every two hours students transition to a new seat in the classroom

3. Incorporate exercise balls in the classroom for students to sit on. This method can stimulate stabilizing muscles helping to promote constant activity throughout the day

4. Everyone stands to read the material for class such as the instructions to completing an assignment

5. Any responses to questions in class, the student has to stand while responding

6. Classroom energizers: about 10 min each day

7. Incorporate physical activity themed lesson plans.

8. Provide homework assignments that will create the need to move around or be in the outdoors


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