Recess Guidelines

What Should Recess Look Like?

Goal: The overall purpose of PE/ Recess for school age children should be to increase physical activity and the development of fundamental movement skills throughout the school week while reducing sedentary behavior

Exercise Prescription:

Frequency: Daily but at least 3-4 days per week

Time & Intensity:  30 min moderate intensity + 30 min vigorous intensity

Moderate intensity would qualify as activity that elicits noticeable increases in breathing, increased sweating, and an increase in heart rate while Vigorous Intensity would qualify as activity that elicits substantial increases in breathing, sweating, and heart rate.

For youth who have physically inactive, an incremental approach to the 60 min goal is recommended to prevent injury (increase time by 10% each week)

Type: Enjoyable and developmentally appropriate for child development

From ages 6-9, activities should focus on learning basic motor skills and slightly more specialized skills. Ages 10+ should now incorporate those skills into group activities and organized sports.

Example: Walking, active play/games, dance, sports, muscle and bone strengthening activities


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